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When your legs hurt or have unsightly veins, you want them taken care of right away, the right way.
Our in-office vein center is run by four board-certified vascular surgeons who have the training and skills to diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of venous disease.  VEA’s Vein Center offers minimally invasive procedures using the most advanced technologies in an office-based setting to maximize patient comfort and recovery time.


Varicose veins can be treated quickly to improve the look of your legs and eliminate pain.  More serious venous problems can be identified in our office by ultrasound testing and then treated correctly.  Advances in venous care allows for office based treatment, to maximize patient comfort and minimize recovery time.  Patients are able to go home immediately following their in-office procedure and are usually able to resume their routine activities the next day including returning to work.

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Here are some of the issues we can help you within our Vein Center:


  Diagnostic Services/ Ultrasound Testing

VEA offers same day Vascular Ultrasound Testing to diagnose symptoms – including DVT, arterial, abdominal, renal, and mesenteric scans – by highly experienced RVT’s (registered vascular technologists), with instant feedback to the referring physician. Patients can be evaluated expeditiously for DVT without the necessity of hospitalization through the most up-to-date treatment available in an outpatient setting.


  Venous Disease & Wound Care

VEA physicians, along with an experienced RN, conduct detailed evaluations of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, leg swelling, lymphedema, and wounds. Treatment options may range from basic topical wound care to peripheral laser venous ablation or deep vein angiography and stenting, all of which are done outpatient.



VEA’s RN Specialist, in cooperation with our physicians, offer spider vein evaluation and advanced treatment with sclerotherapy or laser-based treatment in a comprehensive setting where additional vascular venous issues can be addressed and managed to provide thorough treatment.


  Spider & Varicose Veins

Spider veins are not dangerous, but are unsightly and can cause symptoms such as localize pain or leg fatigue. Treatment options can include observation, compression stockings, sclerotherapy and laser therapy. Varicose veins tend to be larger and deeper than spider veins and are associated with more severe symptoms, including pain, swelling, leg fatigue, general aches and cramping. Treatment options can include compression stocking therapy, weight loss, leg elevation, ablation and microphlebectomy. Learn more about Varicose Veins on our Conditions Treated page.


  Skin Changes

Chronic swelling of the legs, darkening of the skin and non-healing wounds of the skin are symptoms frequently related to venous insufficiency. This stage of disease is more severe than varicose veins and can pose real dangers to your health. While most vein centers are not equipped to handle this serious issue, VEA surgeons have the clinical skills to provide all aspects of care for these demanding problems.


  Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Some patients can be affected by deep vein thrombosis which is a clotting process that can result in leg swelling, long term disability and risk of the clot breaking off and going to the lungs to cause a blood flow blockage called pulmonary embolus. Our office offers a comprehensive same-day vascular evaluation to diagnose and treat blood clots., which can be treated as an out-patient procedure, allowing at-home recovery rather than in a hospital. This diagnosis also requires long term follow up to prevent and treat leg swelling or skin changes that can accompany blood clots.